Adding transactions in bulk

When you have a lot of transactions to add, it can be simpler to switch to Bulk at the bottom of the transaction screen. You'll lose the tooltips and extra space that comes with entering transactions one-by-one, but will gain the ability to quickly copy & paste from your spreadsheet.

Bulk view

You'll notice every field now listed as a column, and every row is a unique transaction. 

Let's look at a few specific elements.

The default row

The first row has a slightly different color, that's because this is the default row: 

  1. Any data added to this row will be automatically copied into every new row added to the spreadsheet. It's a quick way to apply data to every transaction without re-typing it every time.
  2. Quickly change values in an entire column by selecting the cell in the default row, add or update the value in the cell, and click Apply to copy it down the column.

Validated transactions

To the left of each cell, you'll notice a green or red square. We use this to notify you when we have enough information to properly record that transaction by turning the red to green.

You can also click the green or red square to delete that row entirely.



Saving & issuing transactions

Along the bottom of the screen, you can toggle between various view modes before saving and issuing the transactions. You'll see a summary of the number of transactions and the total units being issued.